Conceived as a mobile memorial to front gardens lost to paving for cars, the aim was to move the Skip Garden to streets where most of the green gardens had been concreted over. The Skip Garden was to provide a small green oasis in an otherwise mainly barren landscape provoking awareness of what had been lost, and interest in the idea of gardens as pleasurable and important environmental features. Due to council regulations, however, the skip garden was eventually sited in the car park of Wanstead Leisure Centre and High School, in north east London, for 2 weeks in September 2005 where it was enjoyed by visitors to the leisure centre and school student alike. It was then dismantled and the contents reused.

Front gardens can be seen as barriers to protect from the street world, an expression of the occupier’s creativity, or a place (unlike the back garden) where it is acceptable, in reserved British society, to chat to one’s neighbours over the boundary wall or fence. They contribute to the community, aesthetic and environmental value of our streets.

There is a documentary DVD available. Please contact the artist for more information.