States of Dismemberment


Winston Churchill, trying to retain what he could of the Empire in the 1950s, is attributed with the words “I will not preside over a dismemberment”.

This ongoing work is concerned with the impact of colonialism and the process of de-colonialisation.  Thermos flasks are used as plinths for  key figures from British imperial history and some of those instrumental in the ‘wind of change’. The Thermos or vacuum flask is associated with a certain kind of British habit: the comfort and convenience of a hot drink when travelling. It is also a symbol of the resilience required to create, not only an Empire so far from home, but also that needed to overthrow a powerful one and to make new States from the residues. Wax is a traditional but fragile modelling medium, stable in the cold but subject to change in the heat.



Break (India & Pakistan)
Break (The Americas)


Break (The Middle East)
The Comfort of a Hot Drink Whilst Travelling (England)
Break (The Caribbean)
Break (Africa)